You don't need a 10-step routine. Keep it simple.

Choose the All-Weather Styling Gel if you're looking for definition & frizz control, the Soft Leave-in Cream if you're looking for moisture, or both to get the best of both worlds!


Formulated to really work on all curl types

We're not just saying that to tick a diversity box. We test everything with experts of all textures and curl patterns.

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No Marketing BS

Our formulas only contain functional and active ingredients that are scientifically proven to provide results.

Professional Results

We craft high-performing salon-grade products, tested and approved by some of London's best curl stylists.

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Our bottles are made of 100% Prevented Ocean Plastic™, and our labels are upcycled from bio-based byproducts.



Our products are bigger than standard salon lines, so you get more bang for your buck and throw it away less often.



Our ingredients are mainly naturally-derived, sourced to maximise performance while being kind to the environment.



We've built our business to be Carbon Neutral, offsetting all company activities to limit our impact on the planet.

Yes, it works on men too

We've picked a fresh, gender-neutral fragrance that has received amazing feedback from all genders.

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Made by curls, for curls

We're a team of curly-haired people who know what it means to grow up hating your natural texture because you have no idea what to do with it.

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What people say about the Bootcamp

Had curly hair my whole life. First time someone has explained it so well. This is a game changer 🔥


In case anyone hasn't mentioned, YOU GIVE THE ABSOLUTE BEST INSTRUCTIONS of any video I've ever seen!


I gave up on my waves several years ago bc the advice is too hard, but your explanation gave me hope!


This made me wanna go thru my thousands of saved videos and delete everything but this on curly hair


This is the most helpful and clear explanation I've ever seen in my 3+ decades of dealing with curly hair. Thank you!


Your hair could look like this 👇