Our Mission

Taking the effort out of curl care, making it easy for anyone to rock their natural texture.

And when we say anyone, we really mean anyone. No matter your curl pattern, gender, age, ethnicity, Hogwarts House, if you put pineapple on pizza or wear socks with sandals.


Hi! I'm Gaia 👋

I've been working in the curly hair industry for 7 years, developing award-winning products for people of all curl types.

I'm the brain behind our formulas and the face showing up in pyjamas on our social media platforms.


Hi! I'm Julio 👋

I'm Tootilab's tech guru and the brain behind our Curl-ed learning platform. If you encounter a bug during your browsing, it's definitely NOT my fault...

I'm passionate about sustainability and the driving force behind most of our green policies.

We’re not some big corporation who only thinks about selling more stuff: we are people who care.

We know what it means to grow up frustrated with your hair, because nobody taught you how to manage it. Our grandparents didn’t know, our parents didn’t know. It stops with us.

We’re here to break the wheel.

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