How to start your curly hair journey and not give up in a week

How to start your curly hair journey and not give up in a week

So, you’ve decided to start your curly hair journey. Wear your hair in its natural texture.

Maybe you come from years of straighteners and relaxers that completely flattened your curl pattern. Perhaps you used to wear your hair short, and now it's grown to reveal unexpected ringlets. Or maybe you have always thought your hair was just frizzy, only to find out it had waves just waiting to come out.

Whatever your starting point, internet can be a confusing place. You've looked online, scrolled TikTok, watched YouTube. You found complex routines, hundreds of tips and thousands of products you absolutely MUST buy to look like the after picture in the ad.

But do you really need to spend your mortgage deposit and lock yourself in the bathroom for a whole day just to wear your hair natural?

Surely it should be less effort than maintaining a hairstyle that is, well, not natural?

I have good news. You don't need any of that.

In fact, there are 6 simple tips you can follow to start your curly hair journey without spending your whole paycheck or wasting months to master techniques.


1. Stop brushing your hair dry

I know, I know, this goes against everything you have been taught.

But if you try to brush curly hair when it's dry, you are effectively breaking apart all your ringlets. You're creating static, which becomes frizz... which makes your hair look like a lion's mane.

So if you're one of those people that always thought their hair was just "frizzy" - it's not! You've just broken your curls apart. 

This applies regardless of your curl type - I'm talking to wavies, curlies and coilies.

Brushing curly hair dry also creates more tension, due to the twists and turns in the strands, which leads to damage and a much more painful experience.

So the first step in your curly hair journey is to start brushing curly hair only when it is wet, after you have applied conditioner on it. Make sure you are choosing the right brush to do so, it will make this process is a lot less painful and time consuming.


2. No more towel drying

You know when you get out of your shower, vigorously rub your hair with your towel and then wrap it up in a turban?

Yeah well… please stop.

Traditional terrycloth towels are very rough and create friction with your hair, which increases static and leads to breakage.

Yes they make the hair dry faster, but they do so by sucking out all the moisture, which is just going to make the curls extra frizzy.

So avoid towel drying once you start your curly hair journey - you need to keep as much water as possible for the next tip.


3. Apply leave-in and stylers on soaking wet hair

When you read on a styling product label that it should be applied on damp hair - that’s a very good indication that the company has no idea how curly hair actually works.

Water is absolutely crucial for your curly hair journey.

Having your hair soaking wet will help emulsify the product, which will then spread more evenly, coating the curls and allowing for a more thorough, even application.

If you apply it on damp hair the product will cling to it in patches and your results will be uneven. Greasy and weighed down in one patch, frizzy and dry in another.

Not a good look.


4. Never skip the styling step

Gone are the days where you could just slap shampoo on your head and get it over with. Shampoo is essential to keep your scalp clean, but it does nothing for the look of your strands.

If you want to reduce frizz and enhance your natural curl pattern, you need a styling product for your curly hair journey.

And with styling product, I mean one that gives hold.

Not a leave-in conditioner. Not an oil. Not a serum.

The only curl styling products that will truly help with frizz contain film-forming ingredients. You can find them in foams, mousses, some styling creams, and my personal favourite - styling gels.

The stronger the hold, the longer-lasting results you will have.

Some of these styling products will make your hair feel crunchy at the touch - but that's only temporary. You can easily scrunch out the cast and reveal soft, bouncy curls that will last you for days.


5. Use a diffuser to dry your hair

After you style it, curly hair needs to be set in place. The curls need to take form and learn where they are supposed to lay.

Traditional blow-driers don’t work: the jet of air is too strong, it moves the strands around too much and it disturbs their placement, creating frizz.

A diffuser on the other hand, well, diffuses the air. The jet is not as concentrated, so the curls can stay in their place as they are being dried.

The results will be a lot more defined and with much less frizz.

You could also air dry your hair, but since this takes a lot longer there is a higher chance of you disturbing the placement of your curls as you move around, creating more frizz.

Between air drying and diffusing, I always recommend the latter when you're at the start of your curly hair journey.


6. Protect your hair while you sleep

This last step is key to help your results last longer.

Your regular cotton pillowcase is another unexpected item that is making your hair frizzy without you knowing it. Its fibers are too rough, so as you toss and turn while you sleep it creates friction on your hair.

Breaking down all the curl groups you have so carefully created on wash day.

There's nothing worse than starting your curly hair journey, spending time styling your hair to have killer results, just to see it all unfold the next morning.

But there are several ways you can protect your hair while you sleep.

The easiest one is to swap your regular pillowcase for a silk or satin one. Those materials are a lot smoother and will significantly reduce static and friction. They're also great for your skin (they've been shown to reduce the onset of wrinkles), so you know - win win.

If your hair is long, you should also tie it up on the top of your head in a very loose pineapple ponytail.

This will keep it out of the way, so you don’t squash it while you sleep.

Start your curly hair journey without the hassle

See, you don't need a lot to begin your curly hair journey.

A few small changes in habits are going to do more than learning all the most complicated techniques TikTok has to offer.

And I'll tell you something else - you can do all this while using just three products.

Still on the fence on whether wearing your hair natural is the right thing for you? Let me change your mind. Here are 6 reasons why you should embrace your natural curls. Spoiler alert: it's healthier, less time consuming and a lot more rewarding!

Try it out. Take it step by step. But just get started.

I promise you won't regret it.